ATPL : Number of questions and duration for each subject

Miniature ATPL

The EASA theoretical ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) exam consists of 13 subjects + the KSA (14 subjects in total). Each of the 13 subjects has a number of questions and a duration.

This list concerns the new LO (Learning Objectives) in force since 2020, under the EASA ATPL

What is the duration of each exam and the number of questions?

Find out below the list of all ATPL subjects, with their numbers, their names, the time for each exam and the duration of the test:

List – ATPL EASA Lo 2020
SubjectNumber of questions & duration
010Air law 44 – 01:00
021Aircraft General Knowledges 80 – 02:00
022Instrumentation 60 – 01:30
031Mass and balance25 – 01:15
032Performances45 – 02:00
033Flight planning & monitoring42 – 02:00
040Human performance & limitations48 – 01:30
050Meteorology84 – 02:00
061General Navigation55 – 02:15
062Radio navigation66 – 01:30
071Operational procedures42 – 01:15
081Principles of flight46 – 01:30
090Communications34 – 01:00

How many attempts do I have?

You can pass your 13 subjects in up to 6 sessions. Each subject can only be attempted 4 times. If you fail more than 4 times, you will have to start your exams from scratch.

How long do I have to pass my subjects?

From the moment you pass your first exam, an 18-month countdown begins. You therefore have 18 months to pass your exams.